Users: rights and roles

What is Users: rights and roles?

In Prostream, you can assign user rights and roles to each user. In terms of roles you can think of Administrator, User or Project Manager. User rights concern which rights a user has, for example within a project. Can they only view documents, or are they also allowed to edit document or create folders? Each user can be assigned – and taken away – different rights.

How does Users: rights and roles work?

Assigning roles to users is easy done through ‘Users and groups’. Select the person whose role you want to change and click on ‘change roles’. You can add a new Prostream user via ‘new user’. You can read here how to adjust the rights of users. If you want more information about users in Prostream, check out our support page.

What are the benefits of Users: rights and roles?

By assigning different roles and user rights, everyone knows exactly where they stand. Additionally, project and document information can only be viewed and/or edited by authorized users.


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