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Every modern builder wants to deliver quality. Simple as that. But guaranteeing that quality involves more and more over time. What exactly is quality assurance? What does it contribute to my company? And how do we apply it?

On this overview page, we tell you everything you need to know to be completely ready to run your next successful construction project. This is how we keep delivering quality simple, saving you time so you can get back to the real work.

We start with the introduction in which we tell you where to start with quality assurance. Did you already read the introduction, or are you already more advanced? Then navigate directly to what is of interest to you:


Quality assurance: where do I start?

Quality assurance, what does that mean exactly? In this introduction we explain what quality assurance is and why it is important to secure quality. We will help you on your way with the articles below.

1. What is quality assurance? (Blog, 2022)


Quality assurance: how to apply it

What quality assurance entails is clear. It is time for the next step: getting started. In the ‘Application’ category you will find articles that will help you implement and improve quality assurance within your organisation.

1. How to find the right software for quality assurance in construction? (Blog, 2022)


Quality assurance:
how do others do it?

If you start working with quality assurance yourself, it is nice to see how someone else does it. How does it work? How do fellow builders experience the difference that digital quality assurance makes? You can read about it in the following case studies.

1. Quality assurance taken a step further: how it’s done at Draisma Bouw  (Case study, 2022)

2. PlanGarant Netherlands: Quality control is essential throughout the process (Case study, 2022)

3. VEBIDAK: the construction industry could make good use of time saved (Case study, 2022)

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