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Access to the right documents, when you need them, wherever you need them: on the construction site or in the office. Document management is the foundation of any modern organisation on which all other processes, such as quality management, workflows and BIM, are based.

On this page, we will tell you everything you need to know about managing documents, through videos, articles and case studies. That way, we keep document management simple, so you can get back to getting the job done.

We start with the introduction. It tells you where to start when it comes to managing documents. Already read it, or already up to date? Then navigate directly to what interests you:


Document management:
where do I start?

Document management is a broad concept. In this introduction, we will explain what managing documents entails, why it is important to manage documents and what a document management system is.

1. What is document management? (Blog, 2022)

Document management is a system or process for managing collections of documents. The working method revolves around the efficient organization of your information needs and in modern practice usually comes down to the automated management of your document flows. The purpose of document management? Bringing more order and overview to the management of your files, so that people can find, view and share the right information faster and easier.

In the article you can also read why document management is important, what the different parts of document management are and we briefly summarize what a document management system entails.

2. Why is managing documents important? (Blog, 2022)

There are several reasons why document management has serious added value for your organization. So it’s time to take a closer look at the why of document management. In the above article we list a number of reasons:

  • Better collaboration through document management;
  • Significant time savings through good document management;
  • Better, smarter and cheaper archiving;
  • Documents are securely accessible anytime, anywhere.

3. What is a Document Management System? (Blog, 2022)

A document management system is a specialized software solution that helps you to structure the flow of information that floods your construction company every day. A DMS automates the management of documents in a way that guarantees the optimal availability of documents and the information stored therein. Read more in the article above.


Document management: how to apply it?

What managing documents entails is clear. It is time for the next step: getting started. In the ‘Application’ category you will find articles that will help you implement and improve the management of documents in your organization.

1. Improve cooperation throughout the construction organization with the right software (Blog, 2022)

In this article we explain that with the right software for construction and a good adoption project, you can create order in your digital landscape. With the right software, you get all the people within your construction company on board, and you realize an unambiguous documentation standard that everyone adheres to.

2. DMS or folder structure: which do you need in construction? (Blog, 2022)

As a construction company, do you still use an old-fashioned folder structure to share files with subcontractors? A Document Management System (DMS) is more convenient and efficient. In the article above we explain the difference and the advantages of a DMS.

3. 5 tips for document management in construction (Blog, 2022)

Convinced of the usefulness of document management software for construction? In your search for the perfect software, make sure it contains all the functionalities you need. We discuss this in more detail in the blog above. As far as we are concerned, these things are essential in any case:

  • Share access to specific folders and files. Both with users and external parties;
  • Available from the cloud and accessible from different devices. Also from the construction site;
  • digital stamping of drawings;
  • be able to send reproduction orders;
  • Automatic version management and control;
  • Record date and time of each action;
  • Possibility to add real-time comments to drawings and documents;
  • Automatically share adjustments and new files with those involved;
  • Integrated workflows tailored to construction projects;
  • Demonstrably good security. For example by means of ISO certification.


Managing documents:
how do others do it?

When you start managing documents yourself, it’s nice to see how someone else does it. How does it work? How do fellow builders notice differences when using a document management system? Read about it in the case studies below.

1. The version number adds up, so you can be sure you always have the latest version (Case study, 2022)

During a project, quite a few documents pass by. Or maybe files is a better word, because what you need to get to a result can really be anything. Think of word files, blueprints, audio and video recordings, 3D models and much more. It is then vital that your document management system is in order. We spoke about this with Simon James of Giesbers Rotterdam.

2. How Heylen Warehouses ensures flawless projects with a DMS (Case study, 2022)

In de twintig jaar dat we slimme software voor de bouw maken, zijn er al flink wat interessante partijen die de revue hebben gepasseerd om met Prostream (of voorgangers Docstream en Snagstream), aan de slag te gaan. Daar zijn we niet alleen trots op, daar kunnen we ook nog eens veel van leren. Vandaar dat we het gesprek opzochten met Dries Claes van Heylen Warehouses (uit België) om uit te vinden hoe slim samenwerken er bij hen uitziet.

3. This is how the municipality of Zoetermeer keeps track of their projects (Case study, 2022)

Take the field in which municipalities operate: there are many parties that have to work together and it is very important to have as few failure costs as possible. That is why the municipality of Zoetermeer started working with Docstream (the predecessor of Prostream). And with the solid base of Docstream and the new smart functions of today, keeping an overview in Prostream has become even easier. We asked project manager Guus de Goede and real estate portfolio manager Benno Moor how exactly that worked.

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