Why we do what we do.

The construction industry is visibly shifting towards digitisation. The need for efficiency, transparency and sustainability is driving the sector away from traditional, (paper) intensive processes towards a more integrated, digital approach.

This shift is reinforced by the growing demand for faster project delivery and the need for better cooperation between all parties involved.

This shift brings challenges, such as the fragmentation of information and the lack of real-time communication and collaboration. Existing solutions often offer only partial solutions. They lack the integration of all aspects of project management in a single platform, forcing companies to use multiple systems side by side, leading to inefficiencies and data silos.

The industry is slowly moving towards a world where projects are delivered more efficiently, faster and with fewer errors, with all stakeholders having access to the information they need, when they need it. There, we see the need for a fully integrated platform that covers all aspects of project management around construction and real estate, from document management and quality control to real-time communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. A platform for the entire lifecycle of a building.

With Prostream, we create an all-in-one software platform specifically designed to meet this need for the industry. Prostream integrates necessary tools and features into one user-friendly platform, bringing information together in one platform. Users manage projects from start to finish and collaborate with chain partners such as architects, administrators, contractors and specialists. By working closely with our customers and integrating their feedback into our ongoing product development, we ensure that Prostream not only meets current market needs, but is also future-proof. In this way, we help the beautiful construction industry towards a more efficient, transparent and digital future.