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The best option to manage files and projects (for internal teams). 

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We’re expecting to launch the quality control module later this year. In the meantime, you can try Snagstream for free.

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The best option for bigger teams and companies. Together we can find a way to optimally support all your projects. 

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Smart Search

Smart search

Search all information within your project or organisation. Find a file and directly see its content.

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Specify how often you want to receive notifications or – for example as a project manager – how often others receive them. This way, the right people are always informed.

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Metadata and labels

Labeling is going to be fun! Because if you attach tags and metadata to your folders and documents, they automatically follow the steps in your project. No manual dragging, labeling once is enough.

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Smart folders

Merge documents into 'smart folders' by means of document attributes, metadata or statuses and always find the information that is important to you.

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Send large files

Send big files or large quantities of files to colleagues or external parties. Secured with password so only the right person can access them.

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Security of data

Software that carefully handles your project and business (sensitive) information. That will prevent problems. A safe working environment is essential. On the construction site, but also in the cloud. Unfortunately, you hear them all too often these days: terms like ‘data leak’ and ‘holding data hostage’. But also the more regular failure of computers and […]

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Smart procedures

To make every project a masterpiece, you don't want to keep reinventing the wheel. That is why Prostream groups tasks that have to be performed in a fixed order in a procedure, so that you can reuse them with every project.

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Document tasks

Create a document tasks so executives immediately know which information they need.