Boost your projects and quality

Project Management

Complete control across all your projects and all your information in one place.

  • From 10 users
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Access to all information management features, such as document management, Workflows and local synchronization.
15,-/ user / month


Review, document and report on the quality of work.

  • From 10 users
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Access to all quality control features, such as Snags, Forms, dashboards and reporting.
15,-/ user / month


For large organizations with a wide range of projects and specializations.

Contact us so we can find out how to best support you.

  • From 50 users
  • Project Management and Quality Control
  • Personal Customer Success Manager
  • Customized advice from our Project Consultants

Feature list

Features Document management Quality Control Professional Enterprise

Comment on documents and directly process comments from others.

Automatic version control

Always work with the latest version of a document due to the version numbers automatically updating themselves. You can only view historical versions if you take action, so you always work with the most recent document.

Share files

Share files with your team or external parties via private or public link or email.

Document management

Manage your documents in the cloud.

Send large files

Send big files or large quantities of files to colleagues or external parties. Secured with password so only the right person can access them.

Local synchronisation

Use Prostream with whatever device you prefer. Prostream synchronises everything ‘real time’ with your local disk and before you know it you are working completely online.

Metadata and labels

Provide documents with tags and metadata; add properties to documents per folder to quickly retrieve them or to let them follow the steps of the project.

Preview files

Thanks to a powerful preview function, you can immediately see the content of a document on all your devices.

Smart folders

Merge documents into ‘smart folders’ by means of document attributes, metadata or statuses and always find the information that is important to you.

Smart search

Search all information within your project or organisation. Find a file and directly see its content.

QR Stamp

Create QR codes for documents that your team can scan to verify that it is the most recent version.

Users: rights and roles

Stay in full control of your users. Assign users rights and roles with specific responsibilities in Prostream.


Get the information you need to do your job well. Receive Notifications the way you want them, on a device of your choice. Notifications can also be enforced per project by a project manager, to ensure that the right people are always informed.

Project templates

Information in Prostream is organised per project.

Forms and checklists

Compile forms (checklist, questionnaire) based on your needs. Use standard templates to prevent double work.

Quality assurance (with Snags)

In case of deviations you can easily place a Snag on a drawing. Create different default template snags for different observations; is it a defect, improvement or a request for more information? You decide.

Visual context

Place Snags on various pads. Use a photo, a drawing, a geographical map or even a 3D model as a basis for your observation. Depending on the source, Prostream can also directly attach the Snag to a real
live location.

Smart procedures
Tasks and workflows

Use Tasks to achieve your goals and assign owners to specific activities. This way you reduce risks and stay on track.

3D Viewer

View your project information with our 3D viewer.

Dashboard and reports

Save all your templates, record the usual processes and arrange everything as you are used to within your organisation.

Project transfer

Easily transfer data and information from the construction phase to the use phase.

Prostream API’s

Use our APIs to combine Prostream with your own application, or with another existing solution.