The security of your data is paramount

Software that carefully handles your project and business (sensitive) information.

That will prevent problems.

A safe working environment is essential. On the construction site, but also in the cloud. Unfortunately, you hear them all too often these days: terms like ‘data leak’ and ‘holding data hostage’. But also the more regular failure of computers and local servers continues to play a role in the loss of documents and data. Prostream helps builders manage their documents and data safely.

At Prostream, we put the safety of your data first

At Pro4all security comes first, also with the newest product: Prostream. Behind the scenes, a lot is happening to secure your data and documents. This happens in the software itself, but you as a builder can also take actions in the software to share files in a safe way. For example, choose to share certain folders only with a select group of people. Or share files with external parties, provided with a password. Below we list safety features within Prostream for you:

1. Backing up in the cloud

By storing your files in Prostream, you have a backup in the cloud. Does your laptop break down, your iPad gets caught in a rain shower, or the local server crashes? Then everything is safely stored with us, so you can access it from another device.

2. Fall back on historical versions

By using version control within Prostream, you build up a history of a certain file. Something goes wrong in the latest version of a file? Then you can always fall back on an earlier version of the file. That could be a wrong operation by someone internally, but also external attacks, such as ransomware.

3. Manage access and rights at different levels

In Prostream, you decide who has access to which documents and what rights they have. Can someone only view the documents? Or can they also edit them? You can determine this for each situation. This way, files and data remain accessible only to the right people.

4. Additional security for shared files

Sharing files is not only very easy with Prostream, but also very secure. Both internally and externally. You do this, for example, by adding a time lock or password to the files to be sent. You decide whether files are freely accessible or not.

5. Files are behind a firewall

It goes without saying for us, that your files in Prostream are behind a firewall. A firewall is a network security device. It monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic. It determines which traffic is allowed or blocked based on security rules.

6. Files are encrypted

The data within Prostream is stored encrypted. The data is also encrypted when files are shared.

7. Our servers are situated on 3 different locations

To spread the risk, we store your data on not one, not two, but three locations in Western Europe. In the unlikely event that two of the three servers should fail, you can still access your data from the third server.

We achieve a data durability of 99.9999999999% (12 nines) over a year. This means that 99.9999999999% of your files are guaranteed to be preserved.

By using only Western European servers, you can also be sure that your data is stored in an GDPR-compliant way.

8. The connection is secure

Prostream uses a secure connection based on the TLS1.2 protocol and a key size of 4096 bits. These are terms you may not have heard before. It means that data is protected when it is distributed over the Internet.

9. We carry out periodic tests

To ensure that Prostream’s security is watertight, we carry out periodic pen tests (penetration tests). This is done twice a year by three different, independent parties. These parties try to break into the software to test how Prostream is doing. So we try to hack into the software ourselves, through independent and honest companies. This way we keep making sure that Prostream is watertight and your data stays safe.