Microsoft Office Integration

Edit your Excel, Powerpoint and Word files directly in Prostream.

With the Microsoft Office integration, you can open and edit your Excel, Powerpoint and Word files directly from Prostream, without downloading them first. This prevents multiple versions of the same document from coexisting and allows you to collaborate with your colleagues in real time.

What is the Microsoft Office integration?

With the Microsoft Office Integration you do not have to download files (such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint) to edit them. You open them directly with the Office button in Prostream.

How does the Microsoft Office integration work?

Upload your Excel, PowerPoint or Word file. Select the file you want to edit and click on the Microsoft Office icon. Excel, PowerPoint or Word opens in a new tab, with the same options as you are used to from these applications.

Done editing? Then just close the tab: Office automatically saves your changes. In Prostream you will see that a new version has been created in which your changes are visible.

What is the

perk of the Microsoft Office integration?

Thanks to the Microsoft Office integration, you can now work on the same document with colleagues in real time. This prevents different versions of one document from existing at the same time.


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