Construction software for installers

Construction software that understands exactly what installers need

The various parties involved in construction projects all face their own range of challenges. This is certainly true for installers. These professionals in particular face the great challenge of delivering sustainable projects using new, green and innovative techniques.

The requirements that modern construction projects place on installers call for a good, digital and user-friendly system for managing and archiving documentation. This increases efficiency, reduces the risk of errors and streamlines communication and cooperation between office and field staff.

Good construction software meets the concrete needs of installers. But what exactly is construction software? What are its benefits? And why is construction software ideal for installers? We list the answers to these questions for you below.

customised as standard

What does software specifically made for installers do?

Work with external users

You work together with the whole supply chain in one system. This way, everyone works with the same information and the quality of projects is guaranteed.

Share files

Files, that’s what projects are all about. With the right software, you can share them easily, even with external project members.


All modifications and changes to those files are (automatically) captured in the system.

Safety first

The information must be secure. By assigning rights at different levels, everyone only sees the documents they are allowed to see.

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The challenges

Installers play an important role within any construction project. Without them, a home or building cannot be commissioned. To fulfil that role, there are more than enough challenges you face as an installer. We list the main challenges for you.

High demand for sustainable installations

With high energy prices and increasing environmental awareness, the demand for sustainable installations and homes remains undiminished. Solar panels and solar boilers, for example, are an attractive investment for both private and business users. In addition, interest is growing in solutions such as heat recovery, infrared heating (sustainable and energy-efficient), LED lighting and grey water systems. As an installer, meeting customers’ demand and sustainability needs therefore means constantly keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

Staff shortage

Finding and retaining qualified technical staff is a second major challenge for installers. The talent pool is not very big, making technicians scarce and many installation companies are fishing in the same ponds. A good digital strategy and the right apps, software and document management systems make it possible to still work efficiently with fewer people. In particular, an integrated document management solution tailored to the work of installers is an important support for both office staff and field technical experts.

Supply of materials

Installers are experiencing material scarcity and disruption in the global supply chain. Especially for specific technical parts of installations, there is often a long wait. To keep projects running and deliver on time, installers need to be more creative with materials, for instance by looking around the market for recycled (refurbished) materials. This requires insight into current price and item information.

Construction software for installers: what is it?

Specialist construction software helps installers tackle the challenges discussed above. You get one central, well-organised software package in which you not only manage your documents, but also track the progress of projects, manage field workers and improve communication and cooperation with supply chain partners within a construction project.

At its core, construction software is a versatile collaboration platform that takes into account the specific needs of the parties involved in a construction project. It often listens to the names document management system (DMS) or common data environment (CDE). Whatever name sticker you put on it, construction software is fully geared to creating insight and overview. Want to see and keep track of your installers’ certifications? Save, manage and view technical drawings and specifications, progress photos, measurement reports and completion lists on one central platform? Digitise and quickly process work orders? Construction software makes it all possible.

Moreover, information is accessible in the cloud anytime, anywhere, including for your installers who are on site. Good construction software also ensures that information is optimally protected against hacks and crashes. Both the various people within your organisation and your chain partners can access exactly the data that is relevant to them. You set the right access rights for each file, so everyone can view and edit what they need, while at the same time guaranteeing security. An additional advantage? Everyone works centrally on the same platform and is therefore always sure to have the most up-to-date file in front of them.

What should you consider when choosing construction software?

There is a huge amount of construction software available today. For example, there are ‘point solutions’ that digitise and support one or a few specific processes in construction, but also more broadly deployable platform solutions. As an installer, how do you choose the solution best suited to your business and practical needs?

It is especially important that construction software for installers has the following features and functionalities:

The software must be flexible

After all, as an installer, you have to deal with dynamic records and regularly changing regulations.

Supporting the supply chain

Construction software must be able to support the entire supply chain, from planning and drawing out an installation to ensuring its technical operation, final delivery and maintenance.

Data should communicate

You don’t want data to be stored statically in separate silos. All data within a project should be linkable and relatable.

Working with partners

The construction software should allow installers to collaborate with all parties involved, from the contractor to the project manager and from the installers to the service staff and mechanics who periodically check or repair installations.

The benefits of construction software for installers

Having the right construction software brings many benefits to installation companies. For example, it becomes easier to send technical staff out with the right information. The result? Shorter lead times per project, less chance of errors and the ability to switch on-site, view information or drawings and create digital work orders.

In addition, construction software makes it easier to comply with regulations. You know that all installations you deliver meet legally required sustainability, environmental and quality standards. Moreover, you never have to doubt the competences of your technical people: you know that the professionals performing the installation work have the right certifications, knowledge and expertise.

Thanks to functionalities such as automatic version management, sending large (graphic) files, previewing files, tasks and workflows and making documents easier to find (with labels and metadata), an installation job runs faster, more efficiently and more smoothly thanks to specialist construction software.

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Security of data

Software that carefully handles your project and business (sensitive) information. That will prevent problems. A safe working environment is essential. On the construction site, but also in the cloud. Unfortunately, you hear them all too often these days: terms like ‘data leak’ and ‘holding data hostage’. But also the more regular failure of computers and […]

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