Send large files

Send a large (amount of) files safely. Within and outside your organization.

That makes collaborating easier.

In the construction industry, you have to be able to send large files. These can be construction plans, BIM files or a large folder with several separate files. You want to share these with your coworkers but also with external parties that are involved in your project. And safely, so only the right people can access them. With Prostream, we’re building on 20 years of experience with Docstream and are making the sharing or large files and collaborating easier.

What is Send large files?

With Prostream you can send large files or large amounts of files within your company, but also outside of your company, within just a few clicks. Password protected, so the right person can open and read them.

How does Send large files work?

Read here how to share files in Prostream. Sending a complete package of construction drawings or several files at the same time can be done both internally to colleagues, and externally to third parties involved in your construction process. By sharing a folder with the relevant files via a (public) link, you make it is accessible to others. It is also possible to protect the link with a password, so that it can only be opened by selected people. 

What are the benefits of Send large files?

* Sending large files and/or large amounts of files is no longer a problem.
* Folders are easy to share via a (public) link.
* The link can also be password secured, only selected people will be able to access the files.


With these tools, collaborating becomes a piece of cake

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Metadata and labels

Labeling is going to be fun! Because if you attach tags and metadata to your folders and documents, they automatically follow the steps in your project. No manual dragging, labeling once is enough.

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Visual context

Place Snags containing your observations on, for example, a technical drawing. Use a photo, a drawing, a geographical map or even a 3D model as a basis for your observations.

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Specify how often you want to receive notifications or – for example as a project manager – how often others receive them. This way, the right people are always informed.

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Security of data

Software that carefully handles your project and business (sensitive) information. That will prevent problems. A safe working environment is essential. On the construction site, but also in the cloud. Unfortunately, you hear them all too often these days: terms like ‘data leak’ and ‘holding data hostage’. But also the more regular failure of computers and […]