Project administration construction: optimise your efficiency with Prostream

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Demi-Jo Smith, February 5, 2024

One of the key features of construction is that work is usually project-based. And when you think project-based, you think streamlined project administration. In the project administration, you keep track of all data and information about your construction work. So you always have a grip on, insight into and overview of the progress, costs, planning and hours worked. This leads to cost savings, efficiency and, last but not least, data and data security.

What does project administration mean in construction?

Good project administration in construction is the basis of a successful project. Project administration includes – as the word says – the complete administration of a project. Think of the management of planning, man-hours and costs, but also all contracts, documentation, drawings, measurement reports and technical information. Effective project administration guarantees a structured approach, where you can closely monitor every step of the construction process.

Benefits of project administration with Prostream

Prostream is an ideal software package for project administration in construction. And more, because it covers all document management, team communication, quality assurance and risk management at once. The collaboration platform, also known as DMS (document management system) or CDE (common data environment) ensures that construction partners can collaborate easily and securely during all phases of the construction process and that everyone always has access to all up-to-date data.

Research shows that 52% of repair work in construction is required due to poor information and miscommunication.

More efficiency

Research shows that 52% of repair work in construction is required due to poor information and miscommunication (M-Files, 2018). By having all stakeholders working in one central system, you avoid miscommunication and failure costs. Through clever automatic version management, it no longer happens that someone accidentally starts working with old drawings. And by ‘stamping’ documents with QR codes, you can always check whether you are working with the most recent version on the building site. Your own folder structure ensures that documents are easy to find. Or choose smart folders, where folders are automatically filled with documents based on type or tags. And thanks to the collection folder, you can perform actions on files from several folders at once. Also handy, thanks to the last seen feature, you know whether your project members are up to date with the latest developments in the project.

Work smarter, not longer

More efficiency with these features

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Automatic version control

Always work with the latest version of a document due to the version numbers automatically updating themselves. You can only view historical versions if you take action, so you always work with the most recent document.

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QR Stamp

With this 'stamp function' you can easily check whether you have the correct version of, for example, construction drawings with you.

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Smart folders

Merge documents into 'smart folders' by means of document attributes, metadata or statuses and always find the information that is important to you.

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Collection folder

With the collection folder, you can perform actions on files from different folders in one go.

Increased cost savings

A good DMS ensures 10% cost savings on average, as construction partners work more efficiently and things are better organised. It turns out, for example, that 1 in 5 documents is sometimes lost and it costs an average of €100 to retrieve a lost document. Reproducing a lost document costs almost €200. All costs you no longer have by working with a collaboration platform. Using a DMS has been proven to lead to 49% more effective processes and 9% faster decision-making.

Data & data security

Data on a construction project may contain sensitive information about zoning plans or budgets, for example. So you want a guarantee that malicious parties cannot access that information. A good DMS also contributes to this. In a well-secured DMS, you can set access rights for each document or file. This way, every construction partner only sees what he or she is allowed to see. You also secure documents with a password and/or an expiry date. Of course, you can count on the data servers of a reliable software supplier being in a secure environment and subject to the rules of the GDPR.

Which components ensure improved project administration in construction?

Construction software has several features that improve project administration. These include file sharing, safely sending large files, annotations to easily edit documents, forms and checklists and handy dashboards and reports. A messaging module lets you quickly send messages to your construction partners and a BIM viewer enables you to view, edit and check 3D files.

Document management 

Document management makes it easy to manage and share documents. Each project partner sees only the information that is relevant to him and everything is well secured and centrally stored. Want to know more about all the benefits of document management? You can read all the benefits of document management.

A software programme like Prostream has the great advantage of being linkable with all kinds of other systems.

Connections to Snagstream, BIM and Microsoft Office

A software programme like Prostream has the great advantage of being linkable with all kinds of other systems. For example, if you already use Snagstream, you can link your drawings or photos to a Prostream project. Read more about the link between Prostream and Snagstream here. You can also simply view your BIM files in Prostream. Prostream uses the BIM viewer of Autodesk for this purpose. Finally, you can easily edit documents online and together with colleagues thanks to the Microsoft Office integration. You do not need your own Microsoft licence for this.

Construction customers using our project administration tool

Prostream is an increasingly well-known name in the construction industry. And that is evident from our customer base. Heembouw and Van Mourik Bouw, among others, use Prostream as their DMS. Curious what they think of it? Read their experiences.