Snagstream connection

The connection between Snagstream and Prostream

If you’re already using Snagstream, you can easily connect a Prostream project to your Snagstream project. This way, you can quickly share the latest versions of blue prints to your Snagstream environment and use these for your digital quality controls.

Perks of the connection

  • Is your blue print definite and approved? Then you can easily share it with your Snagstream project. This way, you can quickly send it to your Snagstream project. This way, construction builders can use them during their digital quality controls.
  • If anything changes, you can simply upload a new version. Previously placed snags in the Snagstream-project will remain on the same spot.

This is how you perform all your control checks digitally.

How does the connection work?

Note: only administrators in a Prostream environment can create the connection.

  1. Connect your Prostream environment to your Snagstream environment.
  2. Connect your individual Snagstream projects to the documents.