Smart procedures

What is Smart procedures?

Prostream is full of tricks to simplify your workflow. Think of reusable fields and templates, groupable tasks, the possibility to create project groups, BIM viewer, Quality Control and much more.

How does Smart procedures work?

You don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel with every project, in order to make it a masterpiece. That’s why Prostream is set up in such a way that you can use the software immediately. And that more than once.

Our goal is to improve and simplify your workflow, so we’ve added some smart processes. For example, the ability to create smart folders so that matching file types can be bundled. Or grouping tasks in a fixed order, so you can select them again for a next project. And how about useful metadata templates and fields, that you can reuse time and time again? Sounds good, right?


With these tools, collaborating becomes a piece of cake

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Smart folders

Merge documents into 'smart folders' by means of document attributes, metadata or statuses and always find the information that is important to you.

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Smart Search

Smart search

Search all information within your project or organisation. Find a file and directly see its content.

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Quality assurance (with Snags)

In case of deviations you can easily place a Snag on, for example, a technical drawing. Create different default template snags for different observations; is it a defect, improvement or a request for information? You decide.

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QR Stamp

With this 'stamp function' you can easily check whether you have the correct version of, for example, construction drawings with you.