Sending large files in construction: WeTransfer vs Prostream

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Demi-Jo Smith, May 26, 2022

In construction, sending large files is almost a daily occurrence. Think of blueprints or BIM files. Many construction companies use the popular tool WeTransfer for this. However, sending large files is also a functionality of Prostream. Let’s take a look at these two tools and their differences.

Grote bestanden versturen in de bouw.

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WeTransfer is a Dutch tool that allows you to send large files through your browser. The website has been in the air since 2009 and is still one of the most popular solutions for sending large files. Many companies in the construction industry use it as well.

In short

With WeTransfer you can send large files at high speed. You visit the website, drag the file you want to send into the browser, fill in your email address (and that of the recipient) and click on ‘send’. 

The recipient receives a link in his or her email and can download the file immediately. As soon as that happens, you and the sender will receive a confirmation that the file has been downloaded. 

With the free version you can send up to 2 GB per file. With a paid account, it is possible to send larger files. In paid subscriptions you can also organise your files in folders by customer and by project, for more overview and convenience.

WeTransfer has three subscriptions you can choose from. The biggest difference between the three is your storage and the amount of GB per file you can transfer. Also, paid accounts have a convenient portal where you can organise all your files by client and by project.

Free account

  • Send up to 2 GB per file;
  • Download links expire after 7 days;
  • Share a link to the download and/or send it by email;
  • Send files to 1-20 people at the same time;
  • Insight into who has downloaded your files (and who has not);
  • Advertisements in the background of the download screen.

Pro account (€ 12,- per month)

  • Send and receive up to 200 GB per file;
  • Download links do not expire;
  • Portal to organise downloads from clients and projects;
  • Maximum of 1 TB storage;
  • Share a link to the download, your portal and/or send via email;
  • Insight into who has downloaded your files (and who has not);
  • Ability to add and approve comments on files;
  • Ability to password protect downloads;
  • Ability to set an expiration date per download;
  • Ability to add your own branding.

Premium account (€ 23,- per month)

  • All the functionalities of the Pro account;
  • No limit on file size;
  • Unlimited storage space in your portal.

When you occasionally send large files, WeTransfer is a handy tool.’

Is WeTransfer suitable for the construction industry?

Do you send large files occasionally? Then WeTransfer is a handy tool. If your files are under 2 GB, the free account is good enough.

But WeTransfer is not specifically designed for construction companies. More so for the creative industry, such as advertising agencies and photography companies. For example, there is no automated version control, which is very important for constructional drawings. Nor is it possible to set up authorizations per recipient, or to assign roles and permissions, and to keep track of upload and download logs. Your portal is accessible to anyone with a link, so any subcontractor can see all the files. Which is not desirable in the construction industry.

There is no data limit and the software offers various building-specific functionalities to work more efficiently.’


You use Prostream’s construction software to keep control of your documents, schedules, costs and quality checks of your construction projects. Sending large files is an important part of this.

In short

You send files by creating a link. This link can be secured with a password and provided with an expiration date. Useful, because not everyone can access your files. Additionally, there is no data limit, and the software offers various construction-specific functionalities to work more efficiently.

Prices and functionalities

Prostream has several subscriptions for document management and quality control. Sending large files is part of the Document Management subscription and the Professional subscription. It is also possible to try the software individually with a free demo.

Document Management (€ 15,- per month)

  • No limit on file size;
  • Unlimited storage space;
  • Share files by link or e-mail. To Internal users or external partners;
  • Set expiration date and password per file;
  • Distribute files in folders in the cloud;
  • Automatic version management through continuous version numbers;
  • Digital stamping: create QR codes to see if you are working in the latest version;
  • Preview function per file;
  • Ability to place comments in documents;
  • Ability to add labels, tags and metadata per file;
  • Assign rights and roles per user;    
  • Notifications of new files, modifications and/or downloads.

Quality Control (€15,- per month)

  • Assign rights and roles per user;
  • Notifications of new files, modifications and/or downloads;
  • Ability to create templates for delivery actions;
  • Create forms and checklists;
  • Quality assurance (with Snags);
  • Ability to use own constructional drawings as a template;
  • Standardise tasks and workflows.

Professional (€ 20,- per month)

  • All functionalities of the Document Management subscription;
  • Quality assurance by means of Snags on construction drawings;
  • 3D Viewer;
  • Dashboard and reports.

Enterprise (customised)

Enterprise combines all of the above mentioned features and is based on the wishes and needs of your company. You can always contact us to see what best suits your business. 

Is Prostream suitable for the construction industry?

Absolutely. In fact, Prostream was developed specifically for construction projects. We know exactly what is important when sending (large) files in the construction industry. For example, avoiding working with old constructional drawings, by using QR codes and automated version management. Or by giving deadlines to files. 

Moreover, it is not just about sending large files. You get a complete software package to manage your construction projects.


WeTransfer and Prostream are both useful tools for sending large files in the construction industry. WeTransfer is the best-known name in this area, so many companies choose it by default. If you only send the occasional file (smaller than 2 GB), the free version is fine.

But WeTransfer is aimed more at the general market and that is what the functionalities are designed for. For construction projects, it does not have enough construction-specific functionalities, which Prostream does have. Prostream automatically manages the versions of a file, you can update your files both online and offline, you can keep track of upload and download logs, view trends in your dashboards and you can use QR codes to check if you have the latest version in front of you. All very important features in the construction industry!