Quality assurance (with Snags)

What is Quality assurance (with Snags)?

In case of deviations you can easily place a Snag on, for example, a technical drawing. Create different default template snags for different observations; is it a defect, improvement or a request for information? You decide.

How does Quality assurance (with Snags) work?

1. Go to Configuration via My Overview
2. Click on Quality Control
3. Click on Snag templates and create a new snag template according to the explanation

What are the benefits of Quality assurance (with Snags)?

With snagging you perform thorough quality checks. Can’t get more precise than that!


With these tools, collaborating becomes a piece of cake

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QR Stamp

With this 'stamp function' you can easily check whether you have the correct version of, for example, construction drawings with you.

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Tasks and workflows

With Prostream, every project gets a little better. Plan your projects around milestones, create fixed procedures and link all the necessary information together so that you always have all the information you need at a glance.

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BIM viewer

In Prostream it is possible to convert IFC.files into 3D in order to view, edit and check them in the BIM viewer.

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With annotations you are able to easily adjust documents in Prostream. You are able to add notes and comments as well as attachments, stamps and images.