Prostream vs. Docstream: document management

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Dani Lameris, March 23, 2023

We have already explained in this blog that a good document management system is indispensable in construction. Nevertheless, it is also important to take a critical look at a well-functioning system from time to time and to decide that we can offer even more functionalities with a more future-proof platform. That’s where Prostream comes in. Of course, switching to a new project management system is not easy. You want to know which functions are included in the new system: are your familiar functions still present in the new product, and what else does the product have to offer in addition to your existing solution? To answer those questions, we would like to explain the differences between Docstream and Prostream for you. We already did this in broad outline before, but now we would like to zoom in on the document management part of Prostream.

Prostream or Docstream: what was it again?

Based on 20 years of experience in the field of construction software and collaborations with more than 85,000 project leaders, we have once again critically examined our document management system Docstream. This resulted in Prostream: the solution for document management and quality control in construction. Prostream is built so that you can keep an overview of all your current projects, documents, workflows and quality.

Two different locations

Within Prostream you can manage your documents in two different places: within your organization and in your projects. In your organization you put all the documents that you only need to share with people within your company. This way, all your colleagues are always up to date.

Are you getting started on a project? Then put all folders and documents related to that specific project in it. It is also possible to invite external parties, such as subcontractors. You decide who can view which files.

Organisaties vs project in prostream - document management in Prostream

Downloading is a thing of the past

To view a document in Docstream, you first had to download it and then open it with the software on your computer. As a result, you could end up with multiple versions of a file in your download folder, leading to confusion and unnecessary errors (with associated costs). In Prostream you can therefore view the file directly, without downloading it. Thanks to the version management, you can immediately see what the previous versions have been and what changes have been made.

This way everyone immediately knows what you are talking about.

Document management: annotations and signing

The powerful PDFtron is built into Prostream. Here you can not only sign documents, but also directly add comments to the document, fill in forms, insert a shape or line, measure a distance, add texts… This way everyone immediately knows what you are talking about.

annotaties in documentbeheer met Prostream

Share just a little differently

Where in Docstream you used the message module to share a file, in Prostream you do that with the ‘share’ button that is shown with each file. Of course you can still send a message for context. In addition, it is also possible to connect directly to Microsoft Teams or to create a download link. You can easily protect the latter with a password, so that your files are and remain safe.

Deel documenten in documentbeheer met Prostream

Of course you can still leave a message in the comment module of the file. Type an @[the name of your colleague/external party] to notify a colleague or external party of your response.

Document management: procedures and workflows

Where you first created a successive task list via procedures, you now create a workflow. You do this in a project. You will find this workflow at the top left via the menu in your project. Here you create tasks. You can also assign this directly to the person responsible. Immediately add attachments or deliverables to the task so that the person responsible knows what is expected of him or her.