From Docstream to Prostream: what is different?

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Dani Lameris, January 10, 2023

Prostream is the result of 20 years of collaboration with 85,000 project leaders, work planners and contractors in the construction industry. What has always played a central role in this is Document Management. It forms the starting point for all other processes, such as quality assurance, workflows and BIM.

Just like construction, Prostream is constantly evolving. While looking at the future, we are building this complete platform for construction. That means there are still sometimes something changes. Especially if you are used to Docstream, you will notice some changes. But you will also certainly come across similarities. In this article we give you an overview of the most important changes, so that you can get back to work quickly.

A fresh layer of paint

The avid Docstream user who opens Prostream sees it immediately: it looks very different. The basis has remained the same; you still work in the well-known folder structure, you always work with the most recent documents through the version management window at the bottom and only people with the correct permissions can access certain folders. On top of that well-known basis, we have added a number of features, which we will discuss in more detail in the following points.

Sharing documents: the same, but different

Within Prostream you can still send a message to your colleagues and external parties containing the latest version of a document. Another possibility that Prostream offers is using the share button. You can still add a message to that to create extra context.

Do you want to share documents from multiple folders with someone at the same time? Then add them to the collection folder. After sharing, you empty the collection folder, while your files remain in their original place in Prostream. Choose to share them directly, or add them to a post.

Communicate further about a document

Would you like to communicate about a specific document? This can be done via the Comments tab for a specific document. There you can type messages (with extra formatting), tag colleagues and externals with an @ and even upload files as comments. This way, the correspondence about each document remains secured in one place.

Check out the preview in one click

Download a document, save it somewhere, can’t find it, then have many different versions of that document on your computer and completely lose the overview. That is a thing of the past in Prostream. With just one click on the preview button you can quickly view (the latest version of) a document and continue with your work.

Want to view a 360 degree image? Then click panoramic view. You can then immediately view the entire image in Prostream. Do you prefer to look at the flat image? Then choose normal view.


To ensure that you can find documents quickly, you give them metadata. You can also filter on this within the Prostream search overview. This way, you can see at a glance which documents have been uploaded today, which files are not yet final and which files have already been provided with a QR code. This way you keep an overview.

Stay informed

Especially in the initial phase of a new project, new versions of a document will be uploaded regularly. To ensure that you are always fully aware of the new developments in your project or organization, set notifications. You choose how often and when you receive a message. And are there no new developments? Then you will not receive a message.

BIM viewer

Another new feature in Prostream is the option to quickly view a BIM model. Thanks to an integrated browser by Autodesk, all the benefits of BIM are at your fingertips. In the viewer you can, among other things, view information about specific parts, measure distances and make cross-sections.