Forms and checklists

What are Forms and checklists?

Create forms and checklists based on your specific wants & needs. Prostream understands exactly what you are doing and ensures that you never answer too many or too few questions.

What are the benefits of Forms and checklists?

By creating standard forms, snags and metadata sets, you can easily perform optimal quality control, without having to start over every time.


With these tools, collaborating becomes a piece of cake

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Users: rights and roles

In Prostream, you can assign user rights and roles to each user.

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Send large files

Send big files or large quantities of files to colleagues or external parties. Secured with password so only the right person can access them.

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Local synchronisation

Continue to work on the devices you prefer. Prostream synchronises everything 'real time' with your local disk and before you know it you are working online.

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Metadata and labels

Labeling is going to be fun! Because if you attach tags and metadata to your folders and documents, they automatically follow the steps in your project. No manual dragging, labeling once is enough.