8 ways to save time on the construction site

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Demi-Jo Smith, June 23, 2022

Construction companies operate on small profit margins. To increase profits, you can reduce failure costs or you can try to get more done in a shorter amount of time. In other words, saving time. Of course, without compromising on quality. In this article we show 8 ways to work more efficiently and to save time on the construction site.

1. Use blueprints with a QR code

Are you sure you have the right version of the blueprint in front of you? To confirm, you go through your entire inbox to make sure that a newer version has not been sent. With digital stamping this is much easier: scan the QR code on the blueprint and you immediately see whether this is the latest version. That saves a lot of time!

It’s a lot quicker than calling, emailing, checking and calling again.

2. Save time with Snagging

When something is broken or needs to be fixed, you use a Snag to put a picture on the digital blueprint. You set a deadline, tell what needs to be done and the software automatically notifies the person or party who needs to do it. After execution you receive a notification. That works a lot faster than calling, messaging, checking and calling again.

Saving time on the construction site

3. Preview large files

In the construction industry, you work with gigantic files. BIM-files and blueprints can easily be a few GB in size. Downloading them at the construction site takes a lot of time. Especially if it turns out you have downloaded the wrong file. You should therefore preview large files to make sure you are opening the right one.

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4. Use checklists to safe time

Having a set structure makes everything go faster. In construction, you can use checklists. For example, for workplace inspections. By standardising, you can be sure that they always happen. In the right way, and without spending time on things that don’t matter. Saving time for work that does matter. You just follow the steps on the checklist and move on to the next task.

In addition to costs cutting directly into the profit margin, the project is also delayed.

5. Avoid failure costs

The holy grail. Failure costs mount to be 5% on average, of the total cost in a construction project. In addition to the cost cutting directly into the profit margin, the project is also delayed. Repairs must be made and, in the worst case, work has to be undone.

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6. Use data for optimizations

By managing all your projects digitally, you collect an enormous amount of data. With this data you can make reports. These will give you unique insights. For example, you can see which tasks take up too much time on a regular basis. This allows you to zoom in and find out where things are going wrong and what you can improve.

7. Quality assurance process to save time

Construction companies are required to document how agreements are made and put into practice. To make this process as efficient as possible, it is smart to use specialised software.

8. One central overview helps saving time

Which window needed to be replaced again? When you receive information on separate pieces of paper and in separate e-mails or WhatsApp messages, you quickly lose the overview. The result: you spend a lot of time figuring things out. If you keep everything in one clear system, you always know where to find the answer