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Quality control is essential throughout the process

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Quality assurance is an aspect that can be found in every process. From construction quality rounds to workplace inspections in large retail warehouses, the recording of findings is an important asset when it comes to maintaining high quality. Recently we spoke to Martijn Broeze, quality assurer at PlanGarant Nederland, about the importance of this.

We have gone completely

Digital is the way to go to maintain quality

“Quality assurance is important for the entire construction process,” says Broeze. “We are quality assurance officers as intended by the Quality Assurance Act. Based on the law – which is not yet formally in force – we are running pilot projects. We do this completely digitally. We do not work on paper, we do not know analog. Our supervisors and assessors are only equipped with an iPad and a laptop. They basically do everything on that basis.”

And of course we love that about Prostream. If you record what you do, you can see the patterns in it. Then you can improve on processes that go wrong but also give compliments when things do go following plan. And because there are so many types of quality checks, Prostream can be fully adapted to the wishes of the user.

You know your own process and the tool should support that.

The process remains the same

“It’s not a tool that forces you to follow a particular process,” continues Broeze. “You decide for yourself what the process is like and the program aligns with that. We as a company also find it important that the builder’s process remains as it is as much as possible, and that we can connect to that [with Prostream]. And not the other way around.”

“That is ultimately what you want to achieve together. In the end, you want to deliver the demonstrable quality that everyone is happy with. And that’s what makes quality assurance important. And makes it fun.

This article is based on a conversation with Martijn Broeze about our expertise in construction. Fortunately, Prostream focuses on all industries where processes take place and can be applied very generically.