Joost Tijssen, de Borgermeester

“Achieve financial profit by properly recording everything during construction yourself”

Prostream Quality is the quality control module in Prostream that will be introduced soon. De Borgermeester, a certified quality guarantor with broad knowledge in the field of construction, is currently running a pilot with Prostream Quality to see how guarantors and builders work together. We asked Joost Tijssen, commercial manager at Borgermeester, how we like it.

De Borgermeester already worked with Snagstream. The organization has now been working with Prostream for about 6 months and with the new Prostream Quality module for 3 months. Prostream Quality is the successor to Snagstream: a program that has been appreciated by the market for years in the field of recording and quality control. Pro4all takes care of migrating existing data in Snagstream to Prostream. The switch can therefore be made, so to speak, from one day to the next, while retaining all data.

Joost Tijssen van De Borgermeester.

Working together in the WKB

De Borgermeester was founded with a view to the new WKB legislation, says Joost. “We saw this law coming for quite some time, so we had our staff certified. Now that the law has finally been introduced, we can get started.” For quality assurance, Joost and his colleagues work with all kinds of contractors and construction companies. To do this easily and efficiently, they use Prostream, which combines the functionalities of document management and a quality assurance system.

All files in one place for risk analysis

“We have developed a folder structure in Prostream and add an external contractor or client to it. We have created a specific ‘expected documents’ folder for them, where they can provide the documents that we need for supervision. These documents are the starting point for our risk analysis. We then also put our documents in that folder, so that the contractor has real-time insight into the progress of the assurance and can keep a good overview.”

The distinguishing feature of Prostream is that there is a combination between supervision and DMS.

Distinctiveness is supervision and DMS in one

It is most convenient when the contractor also works with Prostream, says Joost. “Then you can easily achieve a one-two punch. Of course, we cannot force partners to work with Prostream, but the distinguishing feature of Prostream is that there is a combination between supervision and DMS. You can also have a tool that is specifically based on the WKB, but then you have no link with document management. This is an all-in package and that is ideal for us.” De Borgermeester also runs reports from Prostream. “It’s just a matter of pressing a button and you have a PDF, which is ideal. All information provided by the contractor is also included, so you have the entire plan from A to Z secured in one report. If more and more parties start working with Prosteam, you will no longer have different islands containing information, but everything will be in one system.”

The working method of the Borgermeester in Prostream

According to Joost, the great added value of Prostream Quality is that you can add all internal documents, so that you do not have to switch between two systems. “For us, this is a combination of Snagstream and document management. From our own folder structure we can assign tasks, give people assignments, approve documents, and so on. That works very well for us. Especially if you use Prostream in the chain, it is very easy to switch, and you can control everything. Do I have the right pieces, is it the right version? Within Snagstream you sometimes had to search to see whether the same document was also in the DMS, now you know for sure that you are working in the right document. Version control is a really nice addition. You can also always see who did what and when. If there is a discussion, you can show exactly what was recorded and when.”

If a discussion arises, you can show exactly what was recorded and when.

Tip for the builder

Joost has a good tip to make the implementation of the WKB easier and more economical for the contractor. “My tip for contractors to achieve financial profit is to properly record everything during construction. If you do your own quality control and take photos at the right moments, you have already won half the battle. Invest time and money in good checklists so that you can immediately record everything yourself and submit it to the quality assurance. If you do not carry out the supervision moments yourself, you are dependent on the quality assurance officer who has to come and that simply costs a lot of extra time and therefore money. The supervision moments and the file creation are two significant costs that you can relatively easily eliminate by doing it yourself, for example with a system such as Prostream.”