3 essential apps and software for the construction industry

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Demi-Jo Smith, June 2, 2022

You can find digitalisation in every industry. The construction industry is no exception. Construction software and construction apps enable us to build faster, better and with less mistakes. As a construction company today, what digital tools can’t you work without?

Software & construction

As a construction worker, you can’t work without your tools. And as a construction company, you can’t work without tools either. Digital tools in this case. Current software allows you to properly manage your projects, to collaborate better, to manage documents, to forecast and it offers many more benefits.

As a professional today, what software do you really need? We list our recommendations.

Exact Build7

Exact is primarily known as an accounting package. But Exact Build7 can do much more. This construction software offers tools for construction professionals in the areas of planning, administration and management.


  • Project management – In a single overview you can see the current status of projects, personnel, subcontractors and registered hours. Documentation and customer data are also easy at hand.
  • Quality assurance – Naturally you always strive for the best quality. Exact Bouw7 lets you manage all the information relating to the quality and safety of your project. It’s conveniently located in the cloud, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • Financial administration – Naturally, Exact Bouw7 includes a financial module. This gives you real-time insight into the costs, and progress of your project at all times.
  • Forecasting – The software predicts the progress of your projects and tells you what to do based on historical data. This helps advance the speed, efficiency and quality of your projects.

Why is this software so useful for the construction industry? 

You can use Exact Build7 as a base for all your construction projects. The software is popular and is evolving all the time. In this way you can be sure that you’ve got a future-proof package. The ability to link with other construction software means you can always expand to more options.


As a construction organisation, you work with lots of different subcontractors and specialists. To find these people, you use 12Build – a quotation platform for the construction industry.


  • Request Quotes – In a clear database you can quickly find subcontractors that fit your project. Filter by distance, turnover or certificates present to find the best matches. Then quickly request multiple quotes.
  • Evaluation – Found a subcontractor? To be sure that they can deliver the quality you are looking for, you can quickly set up questionnaires for potential partners.

Why is this software so useful for construction?

Finding a good subcontractor sometimes feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Your regular partners aren’t always available and searching through Google and contacting new possible partners is quite a chore. With 12Build you submit your project and quickly receive responses from available companies.


During construction projects, you always face unexpected problems that need to be solved. Both during the design- and the construction phase. To manage these problems, you use BIMcollab: a cloud platform for issue management. All parties involved can view the problems, exchange information and solve them together.


  • Issue manager – The software creates an overview of all ongoing and resolved issues. Directly visible in BIM models, to make it visually clear where the problem is.
  •  Audit trail – The software gives a clear overview of who has taken what action. This prevents discussions afterwards.
  • Project reports – The software lets you quickly print out an overview of ongoing issues and/or how they have been resolved.

Why is this software so useful for construction?

Spreadsheets or loose papers are not always a smart way to manage problems. Because of the fault sensitivity, issues can be forgotten, which can lead to major delays and safety issues. With BIMcollab you keep an overview, while discussing and resolving issues becomes easier than ever.

Software joining forces

That we as Prostream think that these parties are on a roll, is obvious. Their vision is in line with our own ambition: to innovate the construction and manufacturing industry and thereby making collaborating easier. It may not come as a surprise that we entered into a collaboration, which, for example, led to a ‘’hackathon’’ to build a bridge between our apps. Not only does this make the software speak the same language, it also hopefully makes the constructors’ life, your life, a lot easier.