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We’ve created this roadmap based on a vision. This vision came from an estimation of customer needs, our available capacity and trust in our ‘best effort’.

However, it remains a look to the future. And the future is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. That also applies to this Roadmap. Of course we will do everything we can to follow the roadmap, but no rights can be derived from it.

This page was last updated on 9 June 2023.

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Document management

The focus for the second quarter of this year is on a number of features that make the document management options within Prostream even more extensive.

1. Notifications

In Q1, we released the feature to receive updates on changes in documents for yourself. In Q2, it will be possible to set these notifications for others as well.

2. Search for documents

With this search functionality from Q1, documents and information within the entire project can be searched and filtered. You’ll be able to filter on meta data as well in Q2.

3. Work together in files

To prevent that people work on files simultaneously, it will be possible to lock a file until a new, updated version is uploaded.

Later on, it will also be possible to edit files directly in Prostream, without having to download or upload them manually.

4. Messages

A message module is created for Prostream in which users can send messages to each other, including attachments etc. Users will get a notification email when they’ve received a new message.

5. Version control

It’s already possible to manage the different versions of a file in Prostream. In Q2 you’ll also be able to delete older versions and reorganize them.



The quality control feature set (both web and app) is expected to be released in Q3 of 2023. With this you can:

  • Filter and search for snags (on the web);
  • Complete tasks in the app and web (both online and offline);
  • Generate and export reports as PDF (V1);
  • Run quality rounds on the web (and therefore on your iPad);
  • Fewer actions to perform per form, by using buttons;
  • View indicative status field for forms;
  • View history of forms;
  • Post comments on snags and forms.

Q3 and Q4

Future plans

These are the features that are scheduled to be released during the third and fourth quarter of this year.


With a dashboard you get a better overview of your data. Depending on the data and analysis, Prostream provides insights into project performance. That way you can see which problems (systematically) occur and how processes are progressing.


At the moment it is possible to add tasks and procedures in Prostream. This will be expanded so that entire processes can be automated.


In Q3 and Q4, the functionalities of objects will be further developed. This allows you to share (parts of) a building with a link, paste QR codes on it and apply user rights to it.


With OCR (optical character recognition) a file can also be read by Prostream. This allows you to search not only by file title, type or other metadata, but also by the content of the file.