Expected in Q2, 2024

Prostream Quality

With the public release of the quality control module in Prostream, we offer a modern, intuitive solution for quality assurance. Of course with the reliability you have come to expect from Prostream.

Import and export templates

In Prostream Quality you can build forms and snags in an instant thanks to the library. You can do it even faster by importing or exporting a form.

Search snags and forms

With the extensive search function you can not only find your snags and forms, but you can also build dashboards that provide insight into your data.

Zoek in snags en formulieren in Prostream.

Keep an overview with dashboards

Exactly how many snags are placed in a project? On which days were they installed, and how many of them concern the foundation, for example? With the extensive dashboards you keep control of your ongoing projects.

Improved metadata editor

Based on user feedback, we improve document uploading and metadata editing. You can clearly see which metadata is still missing and this can be filtered, so that you can quickly see where action is needed. Finally, we also ensure that it is possible to adjust the metadata for a selection of documents.

Bestanden lokaal bewerken in Prostream.

Edit files locally

It becomes even easier to edit files locally. By double-clicking, the file will open directly on your local computer and you can start working with it. Once you’re done, publish the file back to Prostream and others will see your changes. This function is similar to the Docstream Client.

Future plans

These are the features that ensure that your Prostream environment fits seamlessly with the other programs and products you use, so that you can work even more efficiently.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)

By adding SCIM functionality to Prostream, you can manage your organization’s users in Prostream even faster because the users (groups) that you add to, edit or delete from your Azure environment are also directly created, updated or deleted in Prostream . This way you only have to update your user overview one more time.


The Prostream API enables seamless integration between Prostream and other systems and applications. This way you exchange data, automate processes and develop custom functionalities that perfectly meet the needs of your organization. External applications can use the API to retrieve project data, manage documents, update task statuses and integrate Prostream features into existing workflows.

The rest of the year

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Prostream will soon change your work with AI upgrades. The tool adapts to your needs and provides analyzes and summaries. The advanced AI subtly integrates into your working method. This way, the technology thinks along with you and improves your way of working.