Migration: Frequently Asked Questions



Why does Prostream exist?

Docstream is the product that made us big over the past 20 years. But in order to deliver the value that our customers expect from us, it is necessary to keep up with the technological developments. We do so with Prostream; the future-proof continuation of the foundation that Docstream has laid. 

Our vision remains unchanged: we want to make it easier to work together on (construction) projects. With Prostream, we can continue to realize this vision together with our customers for the next 20 years. As the software is built from the ground up with this perspective in mind, based on the knowledge of the current possibilities of technology.

Will I miss something in Prostream that I had in Docstream?

No, Prostream is built with Docstream as a basis. If you are used to Docstream, you should be able to work very well with Prostream. 

However, not all Docstream features work 1-on-1 the same as in Prostream. Prostream uses the same functionalities as a basis and is built with future-proof technology so that you can work more efficiently.

To make sure that the transition to Prostream goes smoothly for users, we offer Prostream product training. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. You can also find a lot of information in the Help Center.

Do I have to teach users how to use the software?

We will help you if you want us to. As a customer, you can call on your Customer Success Manager to get the help you need in advance. There are practical videos explaining the most commonly used features of Prostream as well. Prostream features an intuitive interface including automated onboarding to help new users get started.

How long will my work be halted if I switch from Docstream to Prostream?

Exactly how long the migration will take, differs per domain. We provide an estimate for the migration and work with you towards a suitable migration schedule.

Are there any additional costs associated with the migration to Prostream?

This differs per situation. Please discuss this with your Customer Success Manager contact.

I don’t have time to have people at my desk, asking me about a new product, but I do want to use Prostream. How can we arrange that?

Please inform your Customer Success Manager about this when preparing for the migration. He or her will then look, together with you, at the possibilities and how we can best support you.

Can’t I get the new functionalities of Prostream in a Docstream look?

Prostream is the well-known Docstream functionality in a new look. The look is different, but Prostream still helps with simple and sustainable management of information around your projects.

How long does it take to complete the migration?

This differs per domain. We assume 4-10 hours.

I do not want to transfer to Prostream. Can I continue to work in Docstream?

Yes, for the time being you can continue to work in Docstream.

Important to know for you is that there will be no new functionalities added to Docstream and in time we will stop the active support of Docstream. We do this so that there is full focus on an efficient development of Prostream.

The possible ending of active support of Docstream will be communicated well in advance.

Should I switch to Prostream? I would rather not be one of the first to migrate.

We perform a data analysis for all customers and, based on this analysis, propose a suitable moment for migration. This is, of course, done in consultation with you as a customer.


Before the migration

What does the migration process look like?

The migration will roughly consist of three phases:
1. Preparation + training
2. Migration
3. Completion

Below, we explain in more detail what you can expect per phase. 

1. Preparation + training
To ensure that it is clear what you are getting into and what the end result will be, we draw up a migration plan and agreement. We go through this with you to avoid surprises. We also offer personalized Prostream training if needed. So that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. 

In this phase we proceed with the actual migration of the Docstream data to Prostream. Technically, we go through 3 steps, which are also called the ETL steps:

Extract: we extract the data from Docstream.

Transform: the extracted Docstream data is transformed into a structure that Prostream can import. No data is transferred yet. During this data conversion process, we monitor step by step whether the data is being converted correctly, so that any issues can be dealt with quickly. As an extra security measure, the data conversion process stops temporarily if something unexpected happens. This temporary stop ensures that data loss is minimal and unforeseen issues are resolved more quickly. As more migrations are carried out, the system will learn from them and become smarter.

Load: During the Load phase, the real migration of data begins. The converted data is loaded into Prostream. Because of the structure in the backend of Prostream, we can manually reverse the migration per Docstream environment in case of an emergency. 

3. Completion 
We help you to ensure that your organisation can get all the value from Prostream, as quickly as possible. And we evaluate the migration process together. 

Can I take all Docstream data to Prostream?

That is our aim. But there are some exceptions.

Which data can be included depends on the moment of migration. We do this in consultation with you as a customer, of course, and it depends on how Docstream is used within your organization.

Therefore, we proactively make an analysis to determine which environments are most suitable for migration.


During migration

Can I continue to work in Docstream during the migration?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

During the migration, data is transferred from Docstream to Prostream. If you are working in one of the environments during the migration, there is a risk that data is lost or not transferred correctly, which makes the migration unsuccessful.

During the migration, it is not possible to work in Docstream. The aim is therefore to migrate at a time when the application is not being used.

Can’t I continue to work partly in Prostream and partly in Docstream?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

During the migration, data is transferred from Docstream to Prostream. After the migration there is no permanent data synchronisation between the old Docstream environment and the new Prostream environment.

Where can I view the progress of my migration?

You can inform your Customer Success Manager of the status of your migration.

We will inform you when the migration starts and when the migration is completed.


After the migration

How do we determine if the migration is a success?

Before the migration, we create a migration plan together. This defines success for you as a customer, the next steps and the expectations.

Once the plan has been agreed upon, we suggest a time to carry out the migration and the plan can be put to action. We use the migration plan to evaluate whether the migration has been successful.

If I start with Prostream after the migration and I don’t like it, can I be migrated back to Docstream?

No, migrating from Prostream back to Docstream is not possible.
Before the migration, we will clarify what is and is not possible in Prostream, in order to avoid such a situation.

Who is going to support me in all the questions that are going to be asked?

You will have a designated contact person, your Customer Success Manager, who will support you with any questions you or your colleagues may have. If necessary, the Customer Success Manager will call in the help of internal specialists at Pro4all.