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Dani Lameris, May 3, 2024

At the time of writing, Prostream Quality, Prostream’s long-awaited quality assurance module, is live in a Beta variant. Several early adopters are working to extensively test the functionalities of the new module. We process their feedback so that we can offer the functionality to all builders, makers and guarantors next quarter.

Prostream vs Snagstream: what was it again?

Based on 20 years of experience in the field of construction software and collaborations with more than 85,000 project managers, we have taken another critical look at our quality control system Snagstream. This resulted in Prostream: not only the solution for quality controls, but also for document management in construction. Prostream is built so that you can keep an overview of all your ongoing projects, documents, workflows and guarantee quality.

Based on the feedback we’ve received over the years, we’ve retained and improved several elements of Snagstream, as well as added new ones. Together we have given these features a modern look. This way you not only effortlessly deliver error-free construction projects, but you are also well prepared for the WKB.

What we’re keeping from Snagstream

Of course we are not completely changing course. Certain elements of Snagstream are indispensable in a quality assurance tool. We included those elements when building Prostream.


You have your work processes and the software must match them. That’s why you build forms in Prostream, for example, with the elements you need. These elements end up in a library, so you can quickly reuse them in other forms and quickly build the forms you need. This is how Prostream adapts to the needs of your organization.

It is our process and digital tools must fit under it.

Extensive access management

If you have already started working with Prostream Docs, you will be familiar with the extensive roles and rights overview. Prostream Quality also has an extensive rights overview that allows you to ensure that all those involved within your organization or project only see the information they need to see.

Not yet familiar with Prostream Docs? It is the successor to our successful document management system Docstream. Curious how Docstream and Prostream compare? You can read it in this comparison: Docstream vs. Prostream.

File creation per project

Where you used to manage your documents in Docstream, ensure quality with Snagstream and have a different Doc or Snagstream site for each project, you now have all your projects under one set of login details. You will still find all your files per project in Prostream. We have improved this by combining the data from these projects. Because they are no longer in a silo, we now offer insights about, for example, running rounds in all your projects. This way you can see more quickly where there are areas for improvement and respond to them more quickly.

Offline data availability

In the Snagstream app you synchronized the data at the start and end of the working day, to ensure that all your rounds were up to date, even if you had no internet for a while. The offline availability of the data is also reflected in the Prostream app. We have added a number of improvements to this; You can read more about that below.

What’s new in Prostream?

Smart use of internet connections

Unlike 20 years ago, more and more mobile devices have an internet connection as standard. That is why the Prostream app basically works online. As long as you have an internet connection, your adjustments sync directly with Prostream.

Do you have no internet for a while? You can then download the data you need for quality checks. You do this per task, so that the synchronization process is a lot faster than you might be used to from Snagstream.

Mobile first

With Prostream we want to make your data available anytime, anywhere. That’s why the Prostream app is available for all devices and you can use the web version on a phone, laptop and everything in between.

Improved reports

Two common comments about the reports in Snagstream are that it took a long time to adjust the reports and that the photos were often of low quality. That is why we have made many improvements to this part of Prostream Quality. It is easier to fully adapt a report to the corporate identity of your organization. In addition, photos are added in the same quality as they were delivered and you can make the adjustments in real-time before downloading, so you can immediately see whether the adjustment meets your expectations.

APIs for smooth connections with other applications

Just as you don’t have just 1 screwdriver in your toolbox, you also use multiple digital tools to build. That is why we are working on an API in Prostream for a good connection with other applications. This way you connect two tools at the back and ensure that there is a constant data exchange between the platforms. This may involve a connection with an existing ERP package or integration with a WKB instrument. This way, Prostream fits seamlessly into your existing application landscape.


Some things will also be called slightly different in Prostream than you are used to. Especially when switching, it can sometimes take some searching before you find the right feature. Here you can see the biggest changes in the naming of the various features.

Prostream Docs

Prostream’s document module, Prostream Docs, naturally ties in perfectly with Prostream Quality. This gives you just one place where you manage your information and manage your users and rights. In addition, you use the last approved drawing from the document management section directly as a base to place a snag and you only have to add users to a project once. This way we make collaboration easier.

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