Draisma Bouw

Quality assurance taken a step further: how it’s done at Draisma Bouw 

Delivering quality is important to each modern builder and construction company. Including Draisma Bouw. Quality assurance plays a big role in delivering this high quality level on each and every project, time and time again. 

An additional benefit is that quality assurance lowers failure costs, as it is able to prevent or (timely) correct human errors. Because even though we try so hard to avoid making them in the first place, we are only human. Fortunately, there is smart software nowadays to make quality assurance easier and to help you and your company take it a step further. 

Over the years at Draisma Bouw, one impressive construction project after another has been completed, with high quality as the objective. That is precisely why the renowned company wants to take their quality assurance to the next level. In order to do so, they are working with Snagstream. An evening was organised, during which the ins and outs of both the tool and quality assurance were discussed with all the executives.

Starting with Snagstream now, can only benefit the work and the communication with subcontractors. It will help us to improve our own quality. And we want to bring our contractors into that.

Deputy Director Kees van Buuren

Getting to know Snagstream

To give everyone a first introduction to Snagstream, Pieter Beuker of Pro4all takes the floor. “In order to guarantee this standard quality, everyone who is going to make quality rounds will be able to place a mark, a so-called Snag, when something is wrong or when something has gone very well,” he explains. “Additionally, you can then add various characteristics to it. The Snag in question can be assigned to a supplier, for example. He or she must then solve the Snag or compliments can be handed out. In this way, we create a market situation in which we don’t just call each other to account when something has gone wrong, but also when something has gone fantastically well.”

Time to practice

In order to practice placing and finding Snags in a playful manner, tasty snacks have been hidden throughout the Draisma Bouw building, which can be found by means of an assigned Snag. Then the snacks are hidden in a different place and assigned to another budding Snagstream expert. This way, everyone will be familiar with the new system in no time.

Placing snags

That way, you will always have access to the exact information you need.

All information in one place

In addition to placing and finding Snags, Pieter also explained that there is another way of recording. Because, besides Snags it is possible to record by means of a form, a kind of checklist. “This contains, for example, a fixed number of questions that the inspector must check or answer,” Pieter explains. “In this way, everything is secured. And after that, it’s also possible to export all recorded data to a report. This often happens using a template devised together with the builder, or determined on the basis of the assurance plan or risk analysis. This way, you exactly got the information you consider important.”

Taking quality control a step further

Reducibility of defects

Dennis Kuijper, advising Draisma Bouw on quality assurance on behalf of Advise-R, concludes: “By recording everything, you can actually trace everything and you know who you can talk to if something goes wrong. The reducibility of defects is an important part that we must teach ourselves. You should therefore also use your quality assurance tool to replace e-mail and whatsapp. Everyone has to participate in doing so, otherwise you will soon be keeping multiple administrations side by side. You can make this difficult by printing and sending everything, or easy, by making everything digital.