Giesbers Rotterdam

“The version number adds up, so you can be sure you always have the latest version.”

Giesbers Rotterdam

During a project, quite a few documents pass by. Or maybe files is a better word, because what you need to get to your desired result can really be anything. Think of word documents, blueprints, audio and video recordings, 3D models and much more. It is then of vital importance that your document management system is in order. We spoke about this subject with Simon James van Giesbers Rotterdam.

Communication is the key

“Firstly, we use [Prostream] in the preliminary phase, to be able to distribute documents with each other,” James begins. “We do this to ensure that e-mails are not lost or that e-mails are not sent. There is now purely a notification from [Prostream] that lets me know there is a new document. Whether that is a drawing, a report or a BIM model; it does not really matter. And then you start making agreements on the next steps: How long do we have? What should we think of it? And when do we move on to the next step?”

Always work with the latest blueprints

The fact that this communication takes place via Prostream in a secure way really makes work easier. This way you can always see who said something about which document and when. In addition, a document sometimes changes. For example, during an overhaul or a complete replacement. Then you want all that information to stay together. Fortunately, all that is possible.

The version number adds up, so you can be sure you always have the latest version.

About this James says: “I make sure that everything is the document, that it is made final and, if necessary, also frozen. As a result, everyone can only access this – the most recent – document. As soon as there is a new version or revision, you can you can upload and replace the precious document. The old documents are preserved, but in principle you no longer see them. You can see that the version number automatically adds up, so you know that you are working with the latest information.”

Scan the QR code

Protip: By the way, if you want to build in extra security when working with the last pieces, we have a handy function for you: the QR code scanner. You place a QR code on your document with a single click and scan it with your phone before you start working. You will then immediately see on your screen whether you are working with the most recent version.