Arjan Huinink, Rots Bouw

“A picture says more than a thousand words”

Rots Bouw has been a household name in the east of the country for many years. In recent decades, the family business has evolved to an all-round construction company with more than 40 employees. Arjan Huinink is a foreman at Rots Bouw and talks about the project that they carried out on behalf of Antea Group. A new visitor center and park restaurant have been realized at the Hoge Veluwe National Park. “A special assignment,” says Huinink.

In this modern age, we as a builder certainly do not want to lag behind

“Of course it is important that construction digitizes. In this modern age, we as a builder certainly do not want to lag behind. That is why we started looking for tools that we can use. We use Snagstream as a means to do our quality checks digitally and to record the delivery.”

Huinink takes us on his tour of the construction site. “Here, for example, you spot something that is not entirely satisfactory. It’s a little lopsided here, see? I’ll put that in the construction round. I can click on the drawing and look up the position where we are now.” On his iPad, Huinink points to our location on the construction drawing and taps to place the snag there on the drawing.

A picture says more than my description can.

“Then I take a picture of the problem that occurs, because a picture simply says more than my description can. I will then add those photos to the report. When I return to the shed later, it will synchronize with WiFi and the subcontractor will receive a notification. Then we can look for a solution together.”